Healthcare assistance for migrants


Until December 2023, the Belarus Red Cross helps vulnerable migrants, irrespective of their status and citizenship, including foreign citizens who are in temporary detention centers, to receive necessary medical care, as well as pays for medical services and purchase of medicines and medical supplies.

How to get help:

Assistance in the form of medical services, necessary medicines, medical goods is provided by:

- support in obtaining medical services in health care organizations of the Republic of Belarus;

- payment for medical services, medicines, medical goods and consumables;

- refund of funds spent on medical services, medicines, medical goods;

- payment for voluntary insurance of medical expenses.

To receive assistance, you must apply to one of the Belarus Red Cross organizations and provide:

- application;

- a copy of passport or other identity document (if available);

- copies of documents, if available, which confirm the presence in Belarus: registration of temporary stay, temporary residence permit, residence permit;

- documents from a health care organization that indicate the need for assistance (doctor's appointment, epicrisis, referral from a medical institution, etc.);

- documents that confirm the cost and/or payment for medical services, medicines, medical goods (delivery and acceptance certificates of rendered services, invoices, copies of payment receipts, copy of the agreement on rendering paid medical services, etc.).

Assistance is not provided:

- for plastic surgeries (except when it is indicated for medical reasons);

- to pay for medical services for sanatorium-resort treatment and rehabilitation;

- to pay for dental services;

- for the purchase of dermocosmetics, biologically active additives.

Where to get information:

- by free short numbers 201 (for mobile operators) and 122 (for landline network) or by the phone number of the Belarus Red Cross organization of the city/district where you live;

- by phone number: +375 17 276 99 90 of the Belarus Red Cross;

- at any of the Belarus Red Cross organizations;

- on the website

This type of assistance is provided until the end of December 2023.